Elm Grove Canberra

School Visits

School visits are more than welcome at Elm Grove! 

Local history is right at your doorstep. Teachers, why not tick off your history and science outcomes and plan a small program and trip to historic Elm Grove. The property continues to produce fine merino wool and is one of the few working properties in the region.

The following clip may be of interest and can be viewed by students prior to your visit.

Canberra History РThe Stakeout begins 

When visiting Elm Grove students can:

  • view the original working wool shed
  • take a guided tour on the property
  • compare past and present scenic views
  • enjoy the ambiance and eat recess or lunch under our 170+ year old elm trees
  • sketch original buildings

Please contact us if you would like to visit the property at info@elmgrovecanberra.com.au.

We are also open to constructing personalised activities to suit your students’ needs.